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Let's get started...

Included in your piano mastermind enrollment fee: 

Refresher courses for music theory, technique and piano basics

Personal assessment, coaching and feedback

Weekly live group Zoom lessons with your fellow cohorts and instructor

Individualized guidance for technique, piece selection and instruction

Supportive community of peers who also are rediscovering the piano

Upon completion of the one-year program you will have the following*: 

Opportunity to perform selected piece live on stage in a performance hall setting

Time in a recording studio with mixing and mastering for releaseable track

Album cover artwork including professional photography if needed

Release by L&L record label to Spotify, iTunes and other music platforms

Video of live performance uploaded to L&L YouTube

*Some restrictions may apply; travel expenses not included in fee


MSRP: $4,999

Special promotion pricing for initial cohort group Summer 2024!

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